29 Mar 2016


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I created this blog to not only share lifestyle and minimalism tips, tricks and informations but to also share my personal experiences and learnings as i continue to work on my minimalism journey. I completely understand that everyones definition of minimalism and being a minimalist is completely different along with personal experiences and struggles. I love hearing and reading about other peoples experiences to learn new things and continue to develop my own minimalism journey.

In this blog post i would like to briefly share 5 ways i have noticed that learning about minimalism has transformed my mindset.

1. Decline in consumeristic behaviour
Before learning about minimalism i would have never admitted that i was somewhat consumeristic. I always thought i was a pretty sensible shopper and my shopping habits were 'not as crazy as some people' as i would say to my self. Only after learning about minimalism did i actually sit down and reevaluate my behaviour and spending habits. I came to realise that i was consumed by consumption. Constantly urging to purchase new things, browsing for new products, looking for things to upgrade and change.

2. Reduced hoarding tendencies
I used to love collecting and showcasing things in my bedroom. I had unnecessary unused amount of collection of items that i wasn't even using and instead was hoarding for no apparent reason. I felt like i was highly influenced by social media such as youtube haul videos and pretty pictures online to collect things like makeup, shoes, clothes, perfumes etc (I plan on making a blog post purely related to this issue soon). After discovering minimalism i was able to identify my hoarding tendencies and able to change my mindset to decluttering by letting go off things that weren't actually bringing any value to my life. 

3. No longer wanting to keep up
Deep down i always desired a simple life but i think society has managed to paint a picture in most of our head regarding what is success in life. Since high school i thought getting a degree, getting a corporate job and climbing the corporate ladder will bring me success, status and joy in life. Quite often i found my self thinking ' actually in reality i just want a simple humble life with out constantly stressing about earning more money and climbing the corporate ladder' however,  same time i also felt the pressure of wanting to keep up with people around me and society. Minimalism has once and for all made me truly accept my true desire instead of focusing on expectations and standards from people around me.

4. Becoming more aware of society & environmental issues
Learning about minimalism has also opened my eyes to attain more knowledge regarding other concepts and issues in the world. Topics such as materialism, consumerism, rat race, ethical consumption, natural living and many other concepts i have been able to discover and learn more about. I now have genuine interest and concern about society and communities rather than focusing on my own worries and problems in life. By being aware, i am able to make conscious effort to solve issues that exists in the world.

5. Appreciating 'Less is more' motto
Since decluttering, i am finding my self appreciating things i own more and more. In all honesty, i would say i still have so much more possessions than i truly need. However, i have way less things in my bedroom than i once did. Once i simplified my living space and number of things from my collections, i am now able to use my most valued and loved items with out feeling overwhelmed or feeling the desire to consume more.
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