16 May 2016


No matter how big or small your goals are in life, in order to successfully achieve those goals not only will you need to stay inspired and motivated but also have to put in consistent time and effort to to ensure that you are actually progressing towards success towards achieving completion of your goals. There are of course so many ways one can create, list, visualise, plan their goals and utilise multiple ways to ensure they stay motivated and inspired throughout the journey. In this article i will provide 5 tips and methods you can easily incorporate daily in order to be able to work on your goals everyday.



Try involving your self with topics related to your goals that you are trying to achieve. Early morning inspiration whether by reading, watching or even brainstorming will not only increase your knowledge, skill and keep you informed but it will also work as a motivational tool to keep you reminded and interested. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, grow a business or even learn a new skill, taking the time early in your day to associate with topics related to your desired goal will surely have positive impact.

Using my self and this blog as an example, one of my goals this year is to work on this  new blog and stay consistent to grow. Every morning i make to read or watch something related to blogging, the topics i usually blog and interested about. This method seriously keeps me inspired and motivated and simultaneously increase my knowledge.  I have also found my self to be extra dedicated and productive whenever i start my day by finding inspirations and motivations.


It is perfectly understandable that life often gets in the way and we feel like we really don't have time and energy to work on those certain goals in life or ever see any progress. Make an appointment with yourself for at least 30 minutes a day to work something you really want to achieve. Maybe you really want learn how to play the guitar? Well, just simply schedule in 30 minutes a day and surely you will start seeing consistent progress. Moral of the message is, whether it's 30, 20 or even 10 minutes, promise yourself to do at least some sort of activity related to the goals you are trying to achieve. The daily practice regardless of how ever long you choose to partake for or have the time to spend on. it will eventually become a habit and over time accelerate your growth. 

I run other niche blogs and have university studies along with jobs to maintain. However, even on days i don't publish posts on this blog, i would still schedule out at least 30 minutes a day to work on something related to this particular website as growing this blog is one of my goals that i would really like to achieve and succeed in. 


It is essential to track your progress under whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Also, beside benefiting from simply tracking your progress to see where you, it is also an excellent tool to motivate and challenge your self. Looking at your progress report can firstly allow you to feel a sense of achievement but also allow you to push your self further and set even further dedicated goals.

For example, if your goal is to get fit and maybe increase your stamina, by tracking your progress not only will you be able to see how far you have come but also it will further motivate you to set even greater challenges for you to achieve and work harder. I remember challenging my self everyday to jog for an extra one more minute every time. I will then note down my progress and try to improve even more the next time.


Sometimes it is so easy to oversee our accomplishments as we work on our goals. We become so fixated on things we haven't achieved and the things we need to do further. It is in fact a healthy habit to reflect on your progress under a positive light by focusing on how much you have grown or how much you can potentially grow rather than stressing and worrying about future achievements. Positive reflections on your journey will allow you to learn from your mistakes, give you chance to congratulating your own self for achieving certain goals therefore work as a positive enforcement for you to stay motivated and inspired to continue your journey.

5. 80/20 RULE

The 80/20 theory suggests that quite often 80% of your outcomes come from only 20% of your inputs. The trick here is to work smarter rather than harder. We only have limited number of hours a day to work on all the things that we ever want to achieve. So, find your most effective 20% input and focus more of your energy on that rather than aimlessly trying to focus on every other thing to achieve results even though it is mostly your 20% that generated the most successful outcomes.

For example, How will this apply to someone like me? Well, being a blogger it is essential to be connected to social media to be able to effectively promote your blog posts and make connections. However, it would be really time consuming if you were to join every single social media that exist out there and constantly work hard on maintaining each account in order to achieve the outcome  of attaining readers and blog traffic. It will take so much time and effort that you will eventually feel like you actually don't have much time to write up blog posts or maintain your website efficiently. The trick is to find the social media that will be most ideal place where your readers of blog niche are most likely to be around and be more inclined to read and view your blog. Analyse and Focus only maybe on 2-3 social accounts that refers the most traffic back to your blog and discard the rest until you have the time and capacity to revisit.

Well, I just used blogging as example to illustrate how this 80/20 rule can be applicable in real life, however, you can almost utilise this method in most areas of your life to be the most effective and productive in order to reach your goals in a timely manner.

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